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Becoming a "Credentialed End User"

Thank you for your interest in becoming a credentialed end user of consumer reporting for use in tenant screening.

Consumer reports i.e. credit & criminal background reports, as well as reports containing records of past evictions, may be used for the permissible purpose of tenant screening. Tenant Verify must first identify (aka credential) those to whom we deliver reports. This is done at the broker or management level of each firm we service.

What is Required to Become a Credentialed End User?


  • A signed End User Agreement

    A signed copy of our industry standard, non-contractual End User Agreement.
    This basic agreement will "credential" your firm, its agents, and personnel. It asks that reports be held in confidence, not sold or leased and that a copy of the report we provide will not be given to the tenant who is the subject of the report. And of course, it requires the use of reporting be exclusively for tenant screening. It does not impose any minimum usage requirements nor does it bind your firm to exclusive use of our services. There is no charge associated with the use of our service and the EUA does not discuss fees or costs because there are none!
  • We will visit your location to verify it actually exists.

    A representative will arrange for a cost-free visit to your office location to verify the following are present: 


A password protected computer

A locking file cabinet

A shredder


THAT'S IT! Outstandingly Simple!


To request a copy of our End User Agreement PLEASE CLICK HERE

To download a digital copy of our Brochure PLEASE CLICK HERE




SO... Just Exactly How Do We Simplify Things for Brokers and Agents?


Tenant Verify is an outstandingly simple and extremely secure service ONLY available to Realtors®, Property Managers and Real Estate Professionals. We are the easy to use service that provides credit reporting, background checks and eviction records for use in rental transactions.


So easy to use, 4500+ agents throughout the U.S. never have to lift a finger to receive the reports needed for their rental transactions!


We do it all! Our proprietary, web-based process is tenant initiated and will...

  • Reduce liability for broker and agent
  • No Handling of Social Security Information by agents, admins or anyone in your organization
  • Once received, all reports are completely free of social security and all account numbers
  • We do not fax. No faxing so nothing is left lying in plain site for all eyes to see - a real concern
  • We instantly deliver Secure, Encrypted, Password Protected, WISP Compliant reports directly to the agent’s inbox 24/7/365
  • Nothing is faster, safer or easier


Simplicity for Agents Whenever the Need Arises


We understand Realtors® and property managers want a simple system, available whenever it might be needed…

  • We deliver reports instantly, 24/7/365
  • Agents do not need paperwork, forms or written authorization to receive reports
  • No annoying or complicated log in
  • Ours is a web-based platform FOR THE TENANT to request, pay and authorize delivery directly to the agent
  • Agents do not have to deal with the cost of reports - Tenants pay for all reporting
  • Agents simply point tenants to We do all the work!
  • We collect all needed information and authorization via a secure, encrypted website
  • We pull reports and deliver them directly to your agent’s inbox - It’s just that simple!
  • Owned and operated by a real estate broker with over 15 years in the industry -  we get it!
  • We are the preferred provider for many of the best and brightest names in real estate brokerage throughout the Northeast United States, from New England to the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Our reporting is robust! We provide the most full-featured, complete data set available on all reports provided
  • Partnered with TransUnion - America’s leader in consumer reporting


So Easy to Do Business with Us


There is no cost to use our service and no hoops to jump through, All we require is a simple, noncontractual, nonbinding, End User Agreement. That's it!  No minimum usage, no heavy lifting.


It’s as easy as we say it is!