What to Expect




Will Tenant Verify place a hard hit/hard inquiry on my credit report?

NO! We are pleased to let you know that as of July 2020, all inquiries are now a soft inquiry that will NOT lower credit scores!



Placing your order 

All orders, once submitted, are processed, completed and delivered immediately upon submission. Once completed you will receive an email confirmation as well as an invoice and a receipt for your payment.




Once completed, it is not possible to reverse or refund the transaction. Because Reports are sent immediately, this cannot be undone. Please be aware of this prior to deciding to place your order for reporting. Thank you!



Hours of Operation 

Tenant Verify processes and generates reporting 24/7/365. 



How to Reach Us 

Please use the CONTACT US link located at the top of this page. A representative will respond as quickly as possible, usually within a few minutes during daytime business hours. PLEASE DO NOT send a general email. All contact should originate with the CONTACT US form. 



Tenants CANNOT and WILL NOT receive reports from Tenant Verify!

All reports are delivered ONLY to the credentialed end user recipient. We cannot under any circumstances send reports to the consumer who is the subject of the report.



Why does Tenant Verify ONLY send reports directly to the credentialed end user? 

The credentialed end user is known to Tenant Verify. They have been credentialed in advance. This allows for the safe and appropriate delivery to a licensed professional whose identity and delivery address has been documented and verified. We are required to identify the recipient of all reports in accordance with Federal Law!  While we have identified the credentialed end-user, we are unable to identify the consumer via the internet, phone or email.  We cannot risk placing reports in the hands of someone posing as another. This would compromise the safety of a consumer's personal and private data. And we cannot violate federal law.



Requesting a Copy of Your Report 

If you wish to receive a copy of your report we are happy to assist by providing the following information:

Visit www.annualcreditreport.com
 for a copy of your consumer report. 
This is the ONLY source for a free copy of your own credit report that has been authorized by federal law! 

Alternatively, we suggest www.creditkarma.com and www.credit.com for safe, reliable anytime access to your consumer credit information including your credit report and your score. 



Can Non-U.S. Citizens use Tenant Verify

YES, if a 9 digit ITIN has been issued to the Tenant by the Internal Revenue Service, Tenant Verify can provide reporting. Simply use the 9 digit ITIN in lieu of the 9 digit Social Security Number when ordering reports.


An ITIN is not automatically received. You must make an application with the I.R.S. to receive an ITIN.

Once received, unless U.S. based credit has been established, credit reports will, in all likelihood, be returned absent of any decision-able credit data. For prospective tenants in need of financial information for the purpose of tenant screening, it may be best to secure references from current financial institutions and landlords in the country of origin. 




If you currently have a security freeze in place on your credit file please note the following important information: 


  • Tenant Verify plays no role in the security freeze process
  • Tenant Verify CANNOT Lift your freeze
  • Tenant Verify CANNOT Enter or use a one time code issued for the purpose of lifting a freeze 
  • ONLY YOU CAN Lift the freeze on your credit file
  • A freeze can be lifted temporarily for the purpose of pulling your report by contacting TransUnion. 
  • To contact TransUnion, please call them directly at 1.800.813.5604  

Reports pulled on frozen files will be absent of credit data. Please note that regardless of the results, once a report has been pulled, A REFUND IS NOT POSSIBLE AND CANNOT BE ISSUED!  

To avoid any un-needed additional costs, PLEASE DO NOT order a credit report until the freeze on your credit file has been lifted!  

IF a file with a freeze in place is requested before it has been lifted, and additional reporting is required, payment for these additional reports will also be necessary.